Friday, August 5, 2011

Blueberry Face

If M could eat blueberries for breakfast, lunch, and dinner she would! Blueberries are her favorite food (besides french fries, which I NEVER should have let her try because now that is all she wants...I know, I know, bad mom award!) and she has them most mornings for breakfast... Now, McKenna is not exactly a delicate flower, she likes to get in there make it her own, I like to think that she is being "creative". You can guarantee that after a meal there is going to be some sort of fabulous design on her tray, a new type of hair gel infused in her lovely locks, and a special moisturizer massaged, deeply, into her skin...and that is why M gets at least one bath a day!

The title, Blueberry face, I think is pretty self explanatory...but it is something that I had to share with friends and family, because every time I go to take her out of her highchair, without fail, I am cracking up!

VERY proud of her work.

Get me out of here mommy! (notice the hair)

True Art

Do not be alarmed, this is not dirt. THIS is from BLUEBERRIES, and it will be there for a few more days :)

That's all folks :)


  1. Awww! This is so adorable. M is so cute. My son loves blueberries, too. He also makes that scrunchy face all the time (center photo) How old is she?

  2. Aw thank you <3 She is 14 months old already, I can't believe how time flies! The scrunchy face is my all time favorite :)