Friday, June 17, 2011

Idaho or bust.

Well we sure have been busy! Who knew packing up and moving 900 miles away would take so much out of you!?

Brent was offered a position with Wells Fargo, in Boise Idaho and after thinking long and hard we decided to go for it. Although I cried just thinking about leaving my family I knew that this was an opportunity we could not pass up. We only had about two weeks to pack, find a place to live, and head on out!

Dan and Brent packed up and left on Sunday and made a pit stop in Vegas (Brent's first time there, not sure I want to know the details) then drove the rest of the way Monday and unpacked and moved in on Tuesday. McKenna and I left Wednesday afternoon and arrived in beautiful Boise around 9PM. McKenna's first plane ride was a hit! She played peek-a-boo with the people in front and behind us, and even got to sit in her own seat and play.  I was so proud of her, for one EXHAUSTED baby, she did great!

The last two days have been full of trips to Walmart, unpacking, and exploring this gorgeous city! Brent, McKenna and I walked around beautiful downtown Boise, had some lunch, and stopped to play in the grass near the Capital Building.


  1. Just found your blog! Congrats on the new job :) Moving is stressful but kinda super exciting too! And your little girl is sooo darling!

  2. Awesome pictures! It's always fun to go on a new adventure. Be sure to call me if you ever need someone to talk to:-) Love you guys <3