Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Birthday My Sweet Little Girl

Well, the day has come! My sweet little baby is ONE.....ALREADY! I can't believe it has already been one year! She is still my sweet little bebe, who loves her milky, her paci, and lots and lots of snuggles! Although she seems to be getting bigger by the second, no matter how big she gets she will always be my sweet little baby.

Brent and I were talking about the day I went into labor, and I remember that day so vividly, it seems like it was just yesterday! I went to the Dr. for my 36 week appointment on Wednesday, and the doctor and I discussed my options for labor since M hadn't flipped yet...we decided that if she did not flip by my due date ( July 24th) I would have a C-section on the 29th. So for the next few days I baked, cleaned, and organized Kenna's room a Friday I was exhausted and slept all day. I woke up around 10AM, ate (of course), watched some TV, and went back to sleep until 1PM when I woke up because I had to pee...I went to the bathroom, sat down, and nothing happened...I thought well maybe if I lift up my belly a little bit that will take some pressure off of my bladder....well I lifted up that HUGE belly of mine and GUSHHHH, my water broke. At first I wasn't sure if I just had a really full bladder, but when I stood up and the water kept coming, I knew right then I would get to meet my little baby soon enough! I called Brent at work and told him my water broke, but he thought I was joking....after a few times of telling him, "NO BABE! I AM SERIOUS! YOU NEED TO COME HOME!" He finally believed me and  rushed home. He arrived in a panic, but with a HUGE smile on his face and helped me back my bag. We headed off to the hospital where I had an emergency C-Section and delivered a 7 lb. 2 oz. precious baby girl at 6:24 PM.

So today we celebrated her birth, the day we were blessed with a healthy, beautiful, smart, and adventurous little girl. I speak for both Brent and myself when I say our lives will never be the same, we are both so happy, and PROUD to be the parents of this amazing little human. Happy Birthday McKenna Renee <3 you make my life beautiful.


  1. Lexi she is SO PRECIOUS! her sweet spirit shines through in all of her pictures... and she is a cancer baby <3 so grateful that she has such an amazing and loving mommy & daddy.

  2. Um those Toms are the cutest... And I should know, since I have the same pair! Seriously though, they are way cuter on her tiny little feet!